The Sagar School organised Capacity Building Programme On Happy Classroom

Education The Sagar School hosted a one-day Capacity Building Program on Happy Classrooms in collaboration with the Central Board of Secondary Education. Facilitated by Dr. Sarita V. Singh, Principal of RPS School, and Mr. Narendra Kumar, Faculty of Physics at Birla School, Pilani, the workshop aimed to instill unbridled enthusiasm and create joyful learning environments.
The session commenced with a laughter exercise to alleviate stress, followed by an introductory brainstorming session on defining happiness. The resource persons emphasized that education’s purpose is to cultivate happy individuals, enhancing the overall learning experience. The agenda covered emotional quotient, self-regulation strategies, understanding relationships, and decoding behavioral language.
Teachers actively participated in interactive activities, sharing perspectives on various situations, exploring self-awareness, and learning strategies for self-regulation, time management, social competence, and relationship management. Coping with negative emotions and understanding misbehavior through Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) were discussed, along with the STOPP technique for responding effectively to emotional triggers.
The significance of mindfulness in reducing stress and anxiety among students was highlighted, and participants rated their happiness using Seligman’s scale, formulating personal happiness formulas. Pathways to happiness, such as gratitude, forgiveness, optimism, empathy, and respecting diversity, were emphasized.
Collective thinking was encouraged through exercises like “think-pair-share,” and the importance of storytelling and Total Physical Response (TPR) in classroom teaching was demonstrated with interactive videos. The session concluded with the “Mood Meter,” where participants described their mood and engaged in laughter therapy, fostering a positive and rejuvenated spirit.
Dr. Amlan K. Saha, the Principal, delivered the Vote of Thanks, concluding a successful and enriching Capacity Building Programme.

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